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This is why outsourcing link building, and a solid link building strategy are more than necessary. More crucial than good content, is a robust and high-quality link profile. So, it’s unrealistic to expect a website with rock-solid content that every relevant website freely links to. What can I expect? Link building should be outsourced as part of your overall internet marketing plan. That’s how we can guarantee hundreds of top places in Google.

Link building creates hundreds of top positions in Google

Do you want to spend a significant part of your marketing budget on an important part of the visibility on the internet? Our experts examine your link profile, work with you on a solid internet marketing plan and strive for success. Hundreds of top positions in Google have already been achieved using our method and strong, high-quality link profiles.

Is link building suitable for your company?

Link building is suitable for your company, if a larger turnover (from SEO) is one of your objectives. Big brands and organizations with a great content marketing strategy can be exceptions to the norm. These websites are able to get enough relevant external links themselves. The answer is yes; for most businesses, outsourcing link building is an essential part of a successful internet marketing plan.

Why link building is wiser than content marketing

Your marketing budget can only be used once. Content marketing costs a lot of money because it takes a lot of time and effort to create great content. Doesn’t content marketing guarantee success? Because everyone understands the value of a link, few people will link to the (excellent) content of your website for free. A better use of your marketing budget and a higher return on investment? Outsource link building! Through our extensive internet PR network, we deliver relevant material with a link to your website.

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