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What exactly is SEO copywriting?

Contrary to popular belief, SEO copywriting doesn’t imply that a piece of text was created solely for Google’s benefit. Previously this was the case, but nowadays the texts are really written for the end user.

The evolution of SEO copywriting

In the past, this was essentially what SEO copywriting was all about: you created a text that was densely littered with keywords, and you climbed up in the search results. At the time, Google was easily fooled by texts that were filled with the search terms on which you wanted to be discovered at the time.

That’s not how Google functions anymore. Google is becoming more and more human: it has learned to view web pages through the eyes of the user. As a result, Google realizes that “keyword-filled websites” don’t make people happy. Of course, an SEO copywriter should inform Google about the content of the text, but an SEO copywriter does it in a subtle way. Good SEO copywriting nowadays, for example, provide a piece of text that is both pleasant to read for your target group and understandable for Google. 

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