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There’s no point in driving visitors to your website if it doesn’t convert

Every desired action by a visitor is called a conversion. The most obvious is buying a product from a website, but other conversions include filling out a contact form, sharing material on social media, and signing up for a subscription. We determine the conversions on your website and what we aim for as part of your internet marketing plan.

Optimizing your website for more conversion

We’ll run a scan of your website to see what we can find that could lead to more conversions. If you really want to dominate on the internet, we will set up your site and sales funnel together with you. Would you rather have a new website made? Then this is the ideal time to thoroughly research your current website’s user traffic, generate conversions and improve user service.

What leads to conversion?

The basis is the technical performance and usability of your website. We also look at the user experience, of course. This is partly influenced by the design and content.

The most important factors of conversion optimization:

  • Performance & Usability

Is it easy for people to browse your site? Can they quickly find what they are looking for? Does your website load fast enough? We’re investigating any technical issues that are holding back a higher conversion rate.

  • Content: Text

Good content is needed for more conversions. Our writers create fascinating texts, taking into account the target group.

  • Content: Image

Visual content is essential for your visitors. A visitor is asked to read a text based on images. We are happy to help you with image editing tasks such as managing a photo shoot or selecting the right image material.

  • Google Analytics

We can measure and gain insight into almost all activities to, on and from your website with Google Analytics.

  • Mouse-tracking & Heatmaps

We can track every mouse movement on a website. This allows us to see the path that users take with their mouse on a page. We use mouse tracking to better map the use of the website and to stimulate conversion.

  • A/B testing

Almost anything can be tested with A/B testing. For example, by means of an A/B test you know which text best suits your target group.

  • Marketing automation

With marketing automation you can easily lead your visitors to a conversion.

Need a conversion specialist?

Do you want to get the most out of your current website or webshop? Or are you looking for the ideal start for your brand new website/webshop that still needs to be designed? Do you want to learn how to get more conversions from your website? Please contact us. During a conversion session we look at your target group, information needs, uniqueness, user statistics and the funnel of the website. After the session you will receive detailed recommendations to improve your website/webshop.

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