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A comprehensive study and specific goals are the first steps in determining your online strategy. In the online strategy, we convert this analysis and goals into concrete activities. For which target groups do we use which channels? What kind of material do we need and when do we need it to attract that target group.

Goals and target audience

Wat zijn de (online) doelstellingen van uw organisatie? Hoe creëer je buyer persona's? Welke key performance indicators (KPI's) worden gebruikt om de doelstellingen meetbaar te maken? Hier zijn verschillende voorbeelden:

  • The number of sales in your webshop
  • The number of quote requests received via the website
  • Het aantal volgers op sociale media
  • Het aantal Sales Qualified Leads dat via de website is gegenereerd


What is your current position? What does the term “internet marketing” mean to you right now? What are your biggest rivals? In Google, where do you rank? What is the conversion rate of your website? Where and when do people leave your website? These are matters that we would like to get to the bottom of right away. We map many of these matters together if you do not know this yet or if you are just starting to work online as an organisation.


Your internet marketing strategy should include a content strategy. What material do you use to direct users to your website at which (online) location? What issues do you tackle for your target audience? What content do you deliver in which phase of the customer journey? Which channels will you use to distribute your content? When do you publish which content? All this is recorded in the content strategy.

Auteur details

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